Plant cutter CP800

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Plant cutter CP800

Machine for trimming vegetables that need this type of operation during their growth cycle.

Trimming is an essential operation for many crops (for example onions, celery, fennel, some types of salads or herbs).
The CP800 is specifically designed for this purpose: a straight blade with reciprocating motion guarantees excellent cut quality: clean and without burrs.
At the same time, a special suction system ensures that the parts removed by the cut do not deposit again on the tray: this operation is of fundamental importance to avoid the formation of mold or mucilage on the plants (trimmed) which continue their cultivation.

The suction system is equipped with a mesh filter, suitably designed to prevent the ambient air from filling up with dust and impurities.
2 drawers collect all the harvested material.

The speed of the belt and the cutting blade are electronically adjustable, the easy adjustments for the different types of tray and cutting heights, allow to adapt the machine to the desired operations with short and easy steps.

Technical data

Weight570 Kg
Supply voltage400V 3F+N+T 50Hz
Installed capacity4 kW
Production capacity200-800 containers/hour
Maximum container sizemaximum width 500 mm