Custom Projects

Like a made-to-measure suit

over the years we have carried out many personalized projects, studied and executed ad hoc according to the requests of our customers.

The current size of the company has obviously made it necessary to introduce modern organization and production systems; however the approach to the projects remains sartorial, with an attention to detail typical of the Italian artisan world.

Because from the art world of “building with your own hands” we have kept the passion, combining it with the most modern engineering and construction techniques.

How we manage a project


a good project always begins with listening from the customer's needs: understanding what they expect, what the objectives are, what improvements they want to make to their production cycle.


Once we understand what the customer is asking for, we propose our solutions, make all our know-how available, and, acting with the utmost transparency, we formulate a clear, understandable economic proposal, with no hidden costs.


after the first 2 phases, the technical part gets to the heart, the project takes shape, the timeline is shared with the customer and the exchange of information is constant.


The machinery or plant is entirely assembled in our factory, tested in each of its components; our customer is always welcome to do it together with us.


A team of our technicians is ready to reach the production site, install and definitively test the machinery.


We do not consider a contract completed with the simple installation of the system; on the contrary, we are committed to maintaining a solid and lasting partnership relationship with the customer throughout the life of the machinery.

In order to guarantee the continuity of the functionality and performance of our machinery, our company offers a periodic preventive maintenance service. This service aims to preserve the essential characteristics of our machinery intact over time.

Linea di preparazione substrato, bagnatura e trapianto manuale talee
Linea di riempimento, semina e ricopertura diretta su bancali
Doppia linea di semina con pallettizzatore e gestione di 3 differenti substrati

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