Da Ros was born from a bet.

Once upon a time…

In 1986, almost for fun, a boy named Giorgio accepted the challenge of a flower grower friend, to build a machine to fill and imprint PVC trays, which did not exist at the time.

In a short time, he transforms the family agricultural shed into his workshop, where, thanks to his inventiveness and dad’s toolbox, he begins to build the first prototype, using salvaged parts and components from an old bicycle.

Thus was born the first tray filler, a bit rudimentary compared to those produced today, but which was still able to meet the needs of his friend.

That boy would never have thought that within a few years from that idea the company “Da Ros Srl” would be born, a leader in the horticultural machinery sector, and among the first to create ad hoc machinery for hydroponic cultivation.

Today, 2023, after almost 40 years, the Da Ros Srl company offers its service, experience and innovation to its customers in over thirty countries around the world, counting on around fifty collaborators.

Our People

We have never considered the idea of being able to relocate to produce at lower costs,
because we believe that our added value lies in our People, our Technicians, our Families.
In all the collaborators who dedicate themselves to their work with passion every day.

The love for technique and the search for new solutions

The search for continuous technological innovation is not only a means to remain competitive on the market, but must always be the first cornerstone of our being a company.
From the first compressed air machines, to the more efficient and precise electronic seeding systems for large productions, up to hydroponic/ areoponic plants and Vertical Farms , our vision has never changed: to bring innovation, built on our daily experience in the field.

Doing things right

The path we have chosen has always been: building in-house what our workshops do well, choosing from our suppliers what they do best.
Today the company has an advanced fleet of automatic machines (laser cutters, bending machines, machining centres) and is therefore able to carry out most of the components intended for its machinery internally, with speed and flexibility of execution.
Careful internal quality control ensures consistently high production standards.