Destacker A5-DC5-1

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Destacker A5-DC5-1

Pneumatic destacker with electronic management designed for the destacking of thermoformed trays.

The trays are unstacked onto a 1.3-meter-long conveyor belt which takes the trays to the next machinery station (e.g. a filler or seeder).
The electro-pneumatic management allows this operation to be carried out precisely and without leaving empty spaces between the trays.
For greater efficiency and autonomy, it is recommended to combine it with the NP loading belt.

Technical data

Weight180 kg
Supply voltage400V 3P+N+T 50Hz
Installed capacity0,5 kW
Air consumption50 - 100 liters/min
Production capacityUp to 600 trays/hour
Maximum tray size400x600 mm