Filler RC1200

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Filler RC1200

Very high-performance machine designed for filling polystyrene and plastic trays and pots flush with pot holders with substrate.
The machine was born with dimensions suitable to accommodate trays up to 500 mm wide and is designed to feed the LR1200 seeder in line. However, the fact remains that it can also be inserted within transplanting lines or combined with machinery of different brands.

If installed inside the Da Ros sowing line, the control of the functions takes place entirely via touch screen installed on board the seeder. If combined with other lines, however, it is installed with its own control panel and is able to operate in stand-alone mode

The machine comes standard with:

  • Integrated mill for shredding the substrate
  • Recovery belt that allows the excess soil to be reintroduced into the loading hopper after filling each tray.
  • Rotary compactor
  • Brush to clean the surface of the tray and therefore obtain an excellent basis for subsequent processing (for example sowing or transplanting)
  • Guides adjustable by handwheel for centering the container.
  • Blows for tray cleaning after filling.

Technical data

Weight1100 Kg
Supply voltage400V 3F+N+T 50Hz
Installed capacity3,7kW
Air consumption50-100 l/min
Production capacity1200 trays/hour
Maximum tray size1200x500x180 mm