Filler RC7


Filler RC7

Machine designed for filling polystyrene and plastic trays and pots into pot’s holders with substrate.

The filling system is equipped with an electronic control for automatic feeding of substrate to the filling head. This makes it possible to achieve excellent filling quality and work cycle fluidity. The belt speed adjustment is electronic, as is that of the rotary filling system.

The machine comes standard with:

  • Integrated mill for shredding the substrate
  • Recovery belt that allows the excess soil to be reintroduced into the loading hopper after filling each tray.
  • Brush to clean the surface of the tray and therefore obtain an excellent basis for subsequent processing (for example sowing or transplanting)

In its standard version, the machine has a 650-liter hopper. At the request of the customer it is possible to expand the capacity up to 1,200 liters.

Technical data

Weight590 Kg
Supply voltage400V 3F+N+T 50Hz
Installed capacity2,7 kW
Production capacity800 trays/hour
Air consumption100- 150 l/min* * Only in the presence of blowers for cleaning the tray
Maximum tray size400x600 x h 130 mm (Till 200 mm h on demand)