Hopper TV5-A

Peat loading and storage

Hopper TV5-A

Like its smaller sister, the TV3-A is a machine that serves as a soil storage in machinery that require a greater supply capacity. It differs from the TV3-A in that it has a higher storage capacity and greater loading capacity.

HOW IT WORKS: The TV5-A is positioned upstream of filling machinery (for example trayfillers or potting machines) with the aim of guaranteeing a uniform supply of soil to the latter, avoiding plant shutdowns and reducing loading times. Upon request, it can be equipped with wheels and tow hitch to allow easy movement and therefore use on multiple machines within the same plant. In case of use of particularly abrasive soil, it can be equipped with stainless steel blades which guarantee a longer life.
Its main features are:

  • SIMPLICITY: Its electromechanical configuration ensures great ease of use. The standard opening side rails allow easy loading operations.
  • LARGE CAPACITY: 3000 liter hopper and 250 L/min loading capacity
  • DUCTILITY: It can be easily inserted into any system and integrated with any machinery already owned by the customer, even of different brands.

Technical data

Weight500 Kg
Supply voltage400V 3F +T 50Hz
Installed capacity2,7 kW
Hopper capacity3000 L
Peat loading capacity250 l/min