Irrigation boom CI3

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Irrigation boom CI3

Irrigation boom with sliding system on a double suspended track, characterized by an innovative and unique design, which translates into a sturdy but at the same time very light structure.

The structure of the rails where the boom moves is made up of aluminum profiles, specially made to our design, with a sectional height of 120 mm: this gives the structure rigidity and, at the same time, lightness.

The profiles are modular, i.e. they adapt to the pitch of the greenhouse to avoid the unwanted curving effect, while the sliding of the boom takes place precisely and silently thanks to the special wheels made with special high hardness polyurethane coating.

The control panel is available both in a simplified version with start / stop functions only, and in a version with a large color touch screen, on which it is possible to carry out all the programming in an easy and intuitive way, to irrigate different areas in automatic mode at different times.
On request, in addition to a whole series of accessories, the remote control is available, or the application for remote control from a PC.
On request, it is also available in stainless steel version.

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