Labeling machine A6

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Labeling machine A6

Electro-pneumatic machine designed to carry out the unstacking, printing (thermal transfer) and labeling operations of the punnets and relative trays in a single work cycle.

These trays unstacked in the first station and, traveling on a conveyor belt, they reach the following stations where the punnets are unstacked and inserted.
The presence of the printer can be foreseen in each station, up to a maximum of 10 units, to label both the trays and the relative punnets.
The machine is supplied with a PC with a special dedicated software that allows you to easily manage the print layouts.
For the loading phase, the machine can be combined with the NP loading belt, while at the outlet it can be connected directly to seeding or transplanting lines.

Technical data

Weight350 kg
Supply voltage400V 3F+N+T 50Hz
Installed capacity0,5 kW
Air consumption100-200 l/min
Production capacityUp to 600 trays/hour
Maximum size of the punnets200x200x80 mm
Maximum tray size400x600 mm