Mixer MX2


Mixer MX2

Mixing tank that mixes peat and soil with fertilizers, polystyrene, agri-perlite, pumice, expanded clay, etc. in order to obtain soft and homogeneous compounds suitable for cultivation.

The machine is designed and built to mix in a short time (1-5 min.), moisten and automatically discharge the mixture onto other machines (dicers, potting machines, trayfillers, etc.).

The mixer must be loaded by receiving the soil from another machine (for example the CT2 or the TV5-A) or manually by the operator. Once the auger inside is activated, specifically designed to guarantee the homogeneity of the substrate, the mixing action begins. The standard version already has the dampening device installed. In the MX2-B version there are also weighing cells and the management of the machinery takes place via touch screen. Depending on the customer’s needs, it can be equipped with wheels and rudder for its towing, while the length of the unloading belt is available in 2 models.

  • Standard: Outfeed belt 1,3 m discharge height
  • Longer version: Outfeed belt 2 m discharge height

Technical data

Weight740 kg
Supply voltage400V 3F+T 50Hz
Installed capacity4,7 kW
Tank capacity1000 L
Mixing timefrom 1 to 5 min