Mulcher CA1-TR5C

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Mulcher CA1-TR5C

Machine for the distribution of covering material, such as bark, around the potted plants, in order to prevent the growth of weeds and retain the humidity of the soil.

The operation takes place with the pots which, thanks to the motorized guides, pass, rotating on themselves, one at a time under the discharge chute, which deposits the covering material.

Thanks to the easy and intuitive adjustments, the machine can be adapted to both round and square pots, while the vibrating surface guarantees a homogeneous distribution of the covering material.

The same machine can carry out the operation on different dimensions, thanks to the practical guide adjustment system, which by approaching or moving away from each other, are able to accommodate sizes ranging from 14 to 30 cm in diameter.

The adjustments of forward speed, vibration, coating quantity, can be easily adjusted from the control panel, easy and intuitive.

Technical data

Weight450 kg
Supply voltage400 V 3F+T, 50 Hz.
Installed capacity1,6 kW
Production capacity500-2500 jars/hour
Pot size14 -26 cm