Potting machine I5

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Potting machine I5

Electronic potting machine with high production capacity, designed to carry out the filling and dibbling operations on pots with diameters from 10 to 24 cm if round, or from 8 to 18 cm in side if square.

Machine characterized by high technology equipped as standard with Mitsubishi Electric® PLC, inverter, driver and touch screen.

It performs the following operations:

  • Loading stacks of pots from the loading belt or destacker
  • Filling
  • Dibbling
  • Driving the pot to the outfeed belt

All the main commands are managed via touch screen:

  • Destacking speed
  • Potting speed
  • Outfeed belt speed
  • Speed and depth of the drill

Which also records the production volumes achieved. The presence of the PLC then allows, upon request, the connection with the Company servers via Modbus TCP® or OPC UA ® system

Machine comes standard equipped with a 1.6-metre loading belt, with options of shorter or longer lengths available. The possibility of operating with the can outfeed belt in 3 different directions makes it extremely adaptable to any work area, moreover, if it needs to be moved frequently it can be equipped with wheels. In its standard configuration it is offered with a 650-liter hopper but it can be combined with the version up to 1,500 liters.

Technical data

Weight1.150 kg
Supply voltage400V 3P+N+T 50Hz
Installed capacity3,5 kW
Air consumption100 - 150 l/min* * Only in the presence of blowers for cleaning the pot.
Production capacity500-3000 trays/hour
Round pot size10-24 cm
Square pot size:8-18 cm