Potting machine TV3

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Potting machine TV3

Nursery potting machine suitable for filling large pots (from 10 to 35 cm) and high storage (2000 L) and discharge (100 L/min) capacities.

Machine specifically designed for potting operations in medium-sized nurseries, it comes standard with:

  • Single discharge chute
  • Double discharge chute (which allows you to fill 2 pots at the same time)
  • Vibrating supports

The design has been studied with particular attention to ergonomics and safety: the spaces allow you to operate in the potting operations with 2 hands, choosing to have the peat output continuously, or to be able to activate and stop it.

Upon request, it can be equipped with a longer discharge chute which will allow the same operations to be performed on the ground: In this case, the pot will be positioned on a separate vibrating base (optional) and, depending on the customer’s needs, combined with a sturdy roller conveyor to make scroll through the pot just filled and make the work area easier for several operators at the same time.

Available options are also the tow hook wheels which allow movement if the use is envisaged in different areas of the nursery.

Technical data

Weight600 kg
Supply voltage400V 3F+T 50Hz
Installed capacity1,6 kW
Peat discharge capacity100 L / min.
Pot size10-35 cm