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Palletizer MF

Palletizer for unloading trays from seeding or washing lines onto pallets or other supports. Equipped as standard with Mitsubishi Electric® PLC, inverter, driver and touch screen.

The machine consists of:

  • A pallet storage and unstacking module
  • A fixed supporting structure on which an arm equipped with a gripper slides
  • A chain and roller system for unloading the complete pallet.

The MF palletizer can be adapted, compatibly with their handling and robustness characteristics, to different types of pallets and trays.
Thanks to the possibility of using a rotating gripper and the dynamic pallet positioning system on the catenary, the arrangement of the trays deposited on the pallet can be decided together with the customer during the design phase.

This makes it possible, for example, to optimize the space available, to give the pallet stability for subsequent movements or to leave gaps between one stack of trays and another, for air circulation.

The presence of the PLC then allows, upon request, the connection with the Company servers via Modbus TCP® or OPC UA ® system.

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