Peat loader CT2

Peat loading and storage

Peat loader CT2

Vertical system machine for crushing compressed peat into bales (big bales) and subsequent unloading onto loading hoppers or mixers.

The big bale, once loaded inside the machine with the aid of a forklift or transpallet, is pushed upwards, where the tools mill the soil uniformly and unload it through the outlet. The upward movement and the subsequent unloading are managed through sensors and electronic control, in such a way that the quantity of soil dispensed can be greater or less, depending on the requests of the downstream machinery.

Upon customer request, the CT2 can be equipped with:

  • Nozzle system for soil humification.
  • Automatic granular fertilizer dosing system.
  • Unloading system on belts with the possibility of choosing the exit direction (right or left)

Its main features are:

  • EASE OF USE: The CT2s are all equipped with a touch screen with an easy and intuitive interface. The electronic unloading management system makes operations as efficient as possible, avoiding downtime and wasted time.
  • COMPACTNESS: The vertical working system has the advantage of occupying little surface area on the ground, this means that the machine can also be installed in contexts where there are limited spaces.
  • DUCTILITY: It can be easily inserted into any system and integrated with any machinery already owned by the customer, even of different brands.
  • POSSIBILITY OF PARTIAL USE OF THE BALL: The vertical system allows you to interrupt the use of a big bale and replace it with another, for example with a different peat, to then resume it later.

Technical data

Weight1200 Kg standard version / 1400 kg high version
Supply voltage400V 3F+T 50Hz
Installed capacity2,7 kW
Production capacity5 cycles/hour
Maximum bale size1200 x 1200 x 2400 (h) mm standard version.
1200 x 1200 x 2650 (h) mm high version.