Seeder LS7-2


Seeder LS7-2

Row by row seeder, electromechanical for easy management of small sowing lots.

The LS7-2 seeder is the smallest equipped with a touch screen, which allows easy programming and memorization of each tray’s data.
In its basic configuration, the machine already offers all the phases of a sowing cycle: dibbling, placing of the seed, wetting and covering:
The tray already filled with the substrate advances on the conveyor belt, in the first station the dibble is made and deposited the seed.
In the second station the wetting and the covering take place. The machine can be combined upstream with RC2 or RC7 type fillers and supports the installation of the LBI or LRBI dampening module downstream.

Technical data

Weight275 Kg
Supply voltage230V Monophase 50Hz
Installed power0,5 kW
Air consumption100-150 l/min
Production capacity40 rows per minute (100 containers/hour)
Maximum tray size600x400x130 mm
Maximum tray size spanish version480x700x130 mm