Seeder SEM 100


Seeder SEM 100

Row by row seeder, 100% pneumatic (does not require electricity) suitable for small/medium companies or startups.

Thanks to its ease of use and low cost, the SEM100 seeder is the ideal machine for small/medium-sized companies and start-ups.
The operation is totally pneumatic and does not need to be connected to the electricity supply (it must in any case be connected to a compressor).
The seeding kit (one for each type of tray) is created on the basis of the customer’s needs and can be replaced with other kits for different trays in just a few steps.

The tray, already filled with the substrate, is inserted manually into the machine which creates the dibbles, at the same time the nozzles suck the seed from the special support and deposit it in the dibble just made.

The process is repeated until the end of the tray.

Technical data

Weight70 kg
Air consumption50 - 150 litres/min
Production capacity40 rows per minute (100 trays/hour)
Maximum tray size600 x 400 x 130 mm
Maximum tray size spanish version480 x 700x 130 mm