Seeding line with LR800 seeder

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Seeding line with LR800 seeder

High performance electronic seeder, ideal for large companies. Equipped as standard with Mitsubishi Electric® PLC, inverter, driver and touch screen.

Seeder with high production capacity, with superior category performance. In the illustrated version it is inserted inside a sowing line, combined with the filler mod. RC800 and drum vermiculite covering unit mod. GRR.
As far as loading is concerned, it can be combined with any destacker or belt, depending on the customer’s needs.
The dibbling system is based on a mobile plate, i.e. this moves together with the tray for a section of its advancement: this has the great advantage of combine the peculiar characteristics of the dibbling plate (modulation and precision) with a speed of 800 trays per hour.

The LR800 are then equipped on the sowing drum with a brushless motor with independent speed from that of the belt to ensure maximum precision and modulation of the work cycle. The hard-anodized aluminum sowing drums can be with 10 or 20 slots. Stainless steel inserts are used for the smallest drilling diameters.

Overall, the line has been designed with particular attention to ergonomics and maximum containment of the time needed to carry out the routine operations involving the sowing cycles.
The change of the drum, the plate and the seed are therefore intuitive and fast, while the recipe data, managed by PLC, can be easily managed at any time.
The presence of the PLC then allows, upon request, the connection with the Company servers via Modbus TCP® or OPC UA ® system

Technical data

Weight2.420 Kg
Supply voltage400 V, 3F+N+E, 50Hz
Installed power4,8 kW
Air consumption100 - 200 litres/min.
Water consumptionMax 25 l/min. at 2 bars
Production capacity200 – 800 trays per hour
Maximum tray size480 x 700 x 180 mm