Transplanting belt NR

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Transplanting belt NR

Belt for manual transplanting with variable length from 2 to 6 metres, available both in the fixed-dibble version and in the rotating-dibble version.

The transplanting belt is the simplest and most immediate solution for all those nurseries which, based on the type of product, need to carry out this operation manually, and at the same time wish to maintain a high efficiency of their production cycle.

The module that makes the dibble, protected by a metal grid to ensure maximum safety, can be adjusted in height using a special lever, to choose the depth of the dibble you want.
The plate that makes the dibble can be made with fixed or rotating punches for bigger diameters holes. Both models are interchangeable in the same machine.
The dibbling plate is made to measure, and can be easily replaced, thus making the machine extremely ductile and adaptable to different trays.

The speed of the belt is easily electrically adjustable, while the number of supports to support the seedlings to be transplanted varies from 0 to 5 stations, based on the chosen length of the belt.

Technical data

Weight180 /280 kg
Supply voltage230 V Monophase, 50 Hz
Installed capacity0,37 / 0,9 kW
Air consumption20/50 l/min
Production capacity130-500 trays/hour
Maximum container size600x400x130mm