Washing line LC 1

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Washing line LC 1

High capacity washing line, entirely built in stainless steel, suitable for washing and sanitizing treatment of polystyrene, rigid plastic and thermoformed crates or trays. As with the other top-of-the-range Da Ros machines, it is equipped as standard with Mitsubishi Electric® PLC, inverter, driver and touch screen.

The LC1 is characterized by great versatility, designed to adapt to different trays: easily adjustable both in width and in height, without having to carry out complex mechanical operations.

The cleaning performance is guaranteed by high pressure nozzles, both fixed and rotating, and, on request, it is possible to add, as an option, a special rotating brush to further improve cleaning, or channeled flow drying fans.

All washing machines are equipped with an external self-cleaning filter, which guarantees greater working continuity without plant shutdowns for cleaning, and, very importantly, considerable water savings: on average, in fact, depending on the dirt to be treated, only for the washing phase, it is possible to use the same water in recirculation up to 4/8 consecutive hours.

The line is formed with a modular system, this means that it is possible to operate both with the washing module alone, and by combining the treatment system, or other accessories that can be chosen by the customer.

Technical data

Weight1.200 Kg
Supply voltage400 V, 3F+N+E, 50Hz
Installed power9,00 kW
Production capacity200 – 600 trays per hour
Maximum tray width600 mm