Transplanter TP-MT

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Transplanter TP-MT

Electronically managed transplanter for transplanting on pots or trays, which can be equipped with up to 10 motorized fingers. It differs from the TP-M model because in this version the finger group works in parallel with its transport belts and therefore makes the machine particularly suitable for operation with pots.

The machine is equipped with an easy and intuitive interface on a 7” color touch screen where it is possible to set a whole series of parameters, including: working speed, picking and transplanting depth, seedling height and lateral picking.

Thanks to its versatility, the machine is able to easily adapt to almost all trays, both on the picking side and on the deposit side, and thanks to the double movement gripping technology (the needles first enter the clod and then close) it guarantees a high percentage of transplants and great respect for the integrity of the plant.
The consumables such as the needles and relative guides are easily replaceable and therefore guarantee easy maintenance of the finger.

The transplanter can be combined in line with filling or potting machines, even those already owned by the customer.

Technical data

Weight900 kg
Supply voltage230 V Monophase, 50 Hz
Installed capacity1,2 kW
Air consumption50-120 l/min
Production capacity800-1200 plants/hour per finger
Maximum container size700x500x130 mm
Maximum pot diameter19cm
Maximum vase diameter on two rows14cm